Other Development Projects

Our Ot­her De­ve­lop­ment Pro­jects

One of A-Kruunu's special tasks is to promote housing innovations. Housing is part of the solution when considering factors related to environmental goals, workforce issues or well-being. With development projects, not only individual objects are produced, but we aim comprehensively at living environments and communities that take into account the future needs of residents and society and thus build better cities.

Related topics:
Urban Families With Children

Hou­sing plan­ning ta­kes in­to ac­count fa­mi­lies with child­ren

A-Kruunu carried out a development project where the wishes and needs of urban families with children were taken into account even better in the design of affordable apartments.

Building Communities

Building Communities series

A-Kruunu is participating in the international Building Communities video series, which explores affordable housing innovations, solutions and implementations across Europe.