New development initiatives for living

In addition to building moderately-priced rental apartments, A-Kruunu takes part in multiple different housing development and research initiatives. On this page you can get further acquainted with something we have developed called the Group Rental Residence concept in Kruunuvuorenranta, Helsinki, read about how we are promoting wood construction at Kuninkaantammi, Helsinki, and read about how the housing concepts of urban families with children have been realised in Kalasatama, Helsinki.

In addition to these, A-Kruunu also participates in the following initiatives:

• City planning challenges in wooden apartment building construction, wood construction initiatives as long-term investment assets and circular economy solutions in wood construction initiative planning and implementation, the initiative is carried out at Vuores, Tampere, in collaboration with Tampere University.

• developing a new kind of service community: the concept is based on enabling community spirit, providing a lively urban leisure time environment for different-aged people as well as smooth daily life and habitation. You can read more about our Jätkän Messi service community in this publication (article is in Finnish only)

• VVV Vihreistä Vihrein Vuosaari (Greenest of the Green Vuosaari); the initiative will be implemented in Vuosaari, Helsinki

• smart combining and segmentation of apartments; the initiative will be done in Verkkosaari, Helsinki