Information for resident

Information for resident

Here you will find useful information for a smooth rental relationship in A-Kruunu apartments.

Parking spaces

You can ask A-Kruunu’s customer service about parking spaces.

Laundry room

All our sites have a shared laundry room. Depending on the site, you can reserve laundry shifts either by using a reservation book or a system.

Sauna time slots

You can reserve sauna services with your maintenance company. The sauna service will be charged in connection with your rent.

Club room

The club rooms in our buildings are intended for the residents’ joint events of the residents, but they can also be reserved for private events. You should contact the members of the resident’s committee about booking the space and the key. If necessary, you can contact your building’s service manager.

Home insurance

We require you to purchase home insurance.

The AsumisPlus insurance

The housing companies of A-Kruunu have a valid, extensive group accident insurance as a part of Howden Finland’s AsumisPLUS customer interest group. The insurance covers everyone permanently residing in the companies, those participating in voluntary work and, to a limited extent, persons not living in the building. The insurance is valid in the company’s yard area, shared facilities and during trips related to voluntary work. In addition to accidents, the insurance includes a key insurance in case of installing new locks or lost keys.

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Howden AsumisPLUS (FI)

Read Howden AsumisPLUS brochure (FI)


For more information about setting up a broadband connection, see your home folder.

Electronic e-invoice

You can start receiving your rent bill conveniently as an electronic e-invoice directly to your online bank if you go to your online bank and enable A-Kruunu e-invoicing.

With its electronic format, an e-invoice sent to an online bank is an easy and secure way of paying bills. You can check and approve the bill quickly or process the bills automatically if you so choose. The bills will also be archived to your online bank.

The carbon footprint of an e-invoice is only one third of that of a paper bill.

Water fee

Each month, you must pay a water charge advance based on the number of residents. This fee is charged in addition to your rent. In 2022, the amount of the water charge advance in A-Kruunu apartments was EUR 20.00/person/month. The paid water charge advance and the actual water use are then equalised using an equalisation invoice.