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Helsingin Konttinosturinkuja

Nihti and Sompasaari, which are separated from the old Sörnäinen harbour area by the Nihti Channel, form an urban-like city area with street names based on the local harbour and seafaring. Versatile recreation and outdoor areas will be constructed on the shores of Nihti.

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Kierrätysasiat kokosivat väkeä koolle Lummetiellä

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A-Kruunu jatkaa toimintaansa normaalisti

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Sustainable living

Guidelines for sorting waste

Sorting and recycling are important parts of waste reduction. When waste is sorted correctly, it can be used as efficiently as possible. When each of us carefully sorts our waste, it keeps waste management costs under control - and we feel the savings directly in our pockets.

Group tenancy

A new kind of communality in a group rental

A-Kruu­nu has de­ve­lo­ped a new group ren­tal con­cept to­get­her with Tal­li Arc­hi­tects. The idea of ​​group ren­ting is that se­ve­ral re­si­dents li­ve in the sa­me apart­ment, each with their own ren­tal ag­ree­ment. The first group ren­tal apart­ments we­re comp­le­ted in Hel­sin­ki's Kruu­nu­vuo­ren­ran­ta in the Haa­ko­nin­lah­ti block in Oc­to­ber 2021, and they we­re built spe­ci­fi­cal­ly to ser­ve the pur­po­se of group ren­tal hou­sing. In Oc­to­ber 2022, 7 group ren­tal apart­ments we­re comp­le­ted on Län­si­sa­ta­man­ka­tu in Jät­kä­saa­ri, and the next group ren­tal apart­ments will be comp­le­ted on Kont­ti­nos­tu­ri­ku­ja in Nih­ti in Ju­ne 2024.


Frequently asked questions

We compiled answers to frequently asked questions for people applying for rental housing from A-Kruunu, those living in our apartments, and those moving in or out.