Guidelines for sustainable living

Environmental responsibility at A‑Kruunu

We promote recycling and strive to reduce the amount of waste generated on our properties. We encourage our residents to make choices in their everyday lives to reduce energy consumption and promote a more sustainable way of living.

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You too can easily save energy

Every resident can influence energy consumption at home. Even small changes to everyday energy use will bring about financial savings. Domestic electricity consumption is mostly due to heating the apartment and warm water. Household appliances and lighting also consume electricity. Residents can save energy by reducing unnecessary consumption and by selecting energy-efficient lighting fixtures and electrical appliances.


Change your water use, save energy

Smart water use saves water and protects the environment. By following conservation tips, you will be able to reduce housing costs at the same time. Heating residential water is the second-largest consumer of energy after heating the apartment itself. The amounts of water consumed by households vary significantly. Most of the warm water is used in the bathroom, but attention should also be paid to water consumption in the kitchen.


Small actions contribute to overall savings

Appropriate temperatures in rooms and functional radiators make living more comfortable, but also more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Heating is the biggest consumer of energy at home: it makes up approximately two thirds of household energy consumption. Fortunately, there are many ways to influence heat energy consumption and consequently the housing costs arising from heating.

Waste Management

Guidelines for sorting waste

Sorting and recycling are important parts of waste reduction. When waste is sorted correctly, it can be used as efficiently as possible. When each of us carefully sorts our waste, it keeps waste management costs under control - and we feel the savings directly in our pockets.

Tips and guidelines

Tips and guidelines for residents

Here you can find useful tips, instructions, and tricks. If you wish, you can submit your own stories, ideas and images.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development at A-Kruunu

You can promote sustainable development by your everyday choices. That way you will safeguard the potential of a good life for future generations as well.

Help the Pollinators

How to Help Pollinators?

The nature around us and the pollinators need our help. Let’s all take the necessary steps in our balconies and yards.