We build homes of different sizes for different life situations, homes located near good services and with good transport connections in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and its surrounding municipalities. From the beginning of 2019, the operating area has also been extended to some of the other larger urban regions in our country which have a high demand for affordable rental housing. In addition to building approximately 400 new rental homes each year, we also promote timber construction and housing innovations. 

In the selection of residents, we follow the ARA resident selection guidelines. In practice, this means that the applicants are grouped on the basis of urgency of housing needs and wealth. When selecting residents, we strive to offer the homes to those who need them the most.

Our new housing locations are applied for using the same electronic form as for other A-Kruunu homes. You can find the housing application here. We add the basic information about new housing locations before the construction work is completed. By joining the mailing list for the location, you'll be notified by email when the application process begins.
If you need a paper application form, please contact our customer service on 0207 207 100, Mon-Fri, 12:00–14:30.

Paikkakunta Hakijatalouden koko
  1 2 3 4 5 Lisähenkilöt
Espoo 81000 € 101000 € 135000 € 145000 € 155000 € +10000 €
Helsinki 99000 € 138000 € 231000 € 236000 € 241000 € +5000 €
Hyvinkää 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Jyväskylä 41000 € 50000 € 67000 € 77000 € 87000 € +10000 €
Järvenpää 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Kauniainen 72000 € 89000 € 119000 € 129000 € 139000 € +10000 €
Kerava 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Kirkkonummi 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Kuopio 42000 € 52000 € 68000 € 78000 € 58000 € +10000 €
Lahti 26000 € 39000 € 52000 € 62000 € 72000 € +10000 €
Mäntsälä 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Nummela 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126000 € +5500 €
Nurmijärvi 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Porvoo 64000 € 84000 € 108000 € 130000 € 135000 € +5000 €
Sipoo 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121000 € 126500 € +5500 €
Tampere 61000 € 76000 € 97000 € 107000 € 117000 € +10000 €
Turku 48000 € 71000 € 95000 € 105000 € 115000 € +10000 €
Tuusula 60500 € 77000 € 99000 € 121 000 € 126500 € +5000 €
Vantaa 61000 € 76000 € 102000 € 112000 € 122000 € +10000 €

How to apply for a rental home

It's easy to apply for and rent a home – just read through the instructions and important practical matters listed below.





1. Submiting a housing application

Complete the electronic or paper version of the housing application. Please indicate your region and preferred city district. Please indicate the size of the home, number of rooms and the maximum monthly rent. You can access the electronic form here. You can order a paper version by e-mail at vuokraus@a-kruunu.fi or by calling us on 0202 207 100 from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 14:30.

An application is valid for 3 months from the date of submission. The housing application you submit will replace any application you have previously submitted. When a home that matches your application becomes available, we'll contact you.

The housing application you submit is recorded in our customer register. Once we receive your application, we will review your credit information from the Suomen Asiakastieto information service. After this check is complete, A-Kruunu will offer you a home based on your application. If the applicant has entries in their credit data, the required rental deposit is between 1 and 3 months. (Read more about the rental deposit in section 7.)

Based on your application, we offer you an appropriate housing option. Before you accept the housing offer, you will be given the opportunity to visit your potential home We arrange the showing with you separately.

2. You receive a housing offer

After your visit, please give notification of your acceptance or rejection of the housing offer by the deadline given in the offer.

When accepting the home offer, you will need the following attachments, which are to be delivered as a PDF file by e-mail to vuokraus@a-kruunu.fi

  • for employed persons – a wage statement or most recent wage calculation
  • for pensioners – a certificate of their gross pension
  • for business operators – their most recent income statement and balance sheet as well as the entrepreneur's income declaration form completed by their accountant

The income of the applicant household is calculated as the fixed gross income of persons belonging to the household, which includes:

  • wage and salary income including all wage supplements
  • maintenance payments received by spouse
  • pensions
  • recurring accident and insurance compensation and disability allowance
  • capital income such as interest, dividends and rental income
  • income from abroad
  • adult education grants and financial aid for adult students
  • child benefit, income support and student financial aid are not calculated as income

For all persons aged over 18 who will be moving into the home, the application must include their tax decision, the itemised section of the pre-filled tax certificate for the most recent confirmed tax period, their tax certificate, and their property tax slip.

If you own a shareholding, property or share thereof, we need an account of the fair value of the assets and their related liabilities.

If specific considerations related to your health or life situation affect your housing needs, we will need documentation for these. Such documents may include:

  • doctor's certificate provided for housing application
  • pregnancy certificate
  • judgement for divorce or certificate of pending divorce, agreement on custody and housing of children aged under 15
  • written termination of contract, eviction notice or fixed-term rental contract
  • for foreigners, their residence permit and status (Nordic or non-European Union) or registration certificate (European Union citizens)
  • health inspector's statement
  • certificate of study place
  • certificate of commencement of work

3. Sign tenancy agreement

We will send the tenancy agreement for you to read through in advance. After reading through the agreement, you indicate whether you accept it and then sign it.  When making a tenancy agreement, you will receive a valid rent bill that extends to the end of the year. The bill has a standard reference code, so make sure you store it safely until the end of its period of validity. The rent is due on the 5th of every month.

The tenancy agreement can also be signed electronically. In this case, you will need your banking codes.

When you sign a tenancy agreement, you will receive a bill to pay the deposit. The deposit may be a cash security or a commitment to pay provided by Kela. In A-Kruunu rental housing, the deposit amount is €250, unless you have a bad credit record, in which case the contract deposit will be set on a case-by-case basis at between one and three months. Provide a receipt of the paid deposit or commitment to pay. If you are entitled to a commitment to pay, please send this by email to vuokraus@a-kruunu.fi or by post to A-Kruunu. 

4. Welcome home

You will receive the keys to your home from the locksmith on presentation of your personal ID. Take good care of the keys. When the tenancy agreement ends, all keys received plus any additional keys made are returned to the locksmith. If not all the keys are returned, the lock is re-keyed and the bill is sent to the departing resident.

Why not also get involved in the lively resident activities? As a resident, you can take action and have an impact, get to know new people and work together with your neighbours to make your surroundings more pleasant.

It’s great to have you as a new resident!


You can start receiving your rent bill conveniently as an electronic e-invoice directly to your online bank if you go to your online bank and enable A-Kruunu e-invoicing.

With its electronic format, an e-invoice sent to an online bank is an easy and secure way of paying bills. You can check and approve the bill quickly or process the bills automatically if you so choose. The bills will also be archived to your online bank.

The carbon footprint of an e-invoice is only one third of that of a paper bill.