Espoon Syvänsalmenkatu

Espoon Syvänsalmenkatu

The rental apartments on Syvänsalmenkatu are comfortable and affordable homes in Kaita, Espoo. The 8-storey property has 41 homes of various sizes from studios to family homes. The homes on Syvänsalmenkatu will be completed in the carbon-neutral area of ​​Finno's Djupsundsbäcken, where energy consumption is minimized. Solar collectors are installed on the roof of the house to heat the building's hot water.

The property includes one residential building with common areas, two low wings, which include storage facilities for outdoor equipment, as well as living and playground and deep collection containers. There is one parking space for the disabled in the yard, the other parking spaces (22) are located in the nearby parking garage. The rental homes on A-Kruunu's Syvänsalmenkatu will be built south of Kaitaantie near the sea.

A wide range of services and outdoor activities are close by in the area. Espoo's Rantaraitti and seascapes are less than a kilometer away, the metro station coming to Finno will be within walking distance, and an urban service center will grow around it. The big apple shopping center is only a couple of kilometers away, and Matinkylä can already be reached by metro in 20 minutes from the center of Helsinki. The location near Länsiväylä is also functional for motorists.

Basic Information
Address: Syvänsalmenkatu 5B, 02260 Espoo
Neighborhood: Kaitaa
Type: Block of flats
Apartment sizes: 1 to 4 rooms + kitchenette
Floor area: 39,0–79,5 m²
Number of apartments: 41
Completion: 11/2022 (estimate)
Brochure: View brochure (FI)

The application period for the location is 28 June to 10 July 2021. After this, applications for the location will be received on an on-going basis. We will be in contact with the recipients of the housing offer by e-mail no later than 19 September 2022. We are not able to inform all applicants about the choices, we are only in contact with those applicants for whom we are able to provide housing. Please note that we will not respond to enquiries about the application situation during the resident selection period.

Estimated distances from
Iivisniemen päiväkoti 1.6 km
Soukankujan päiväkoti 3.4 km
Merenkulkijan päiväkoti 3.9 km
Espoonlahden päiväkoti 4.4 km
Kaitaan koulu 600 m
Kaitaan lukio 700 m
Iivisniemen koulu 1.1 km
Espoonlahden lukio 3.0 km
Soukan koulu 3.4 km
Storänges Skola 3.9 km
linja-autopysäkki 550 m
Lidl Hannus 1.2 km
K-market Iivisniemi 1.2 km
Matinkylän Metroasema 2.6 km
Ostoskeskus Iso Omena 3.1 km
Ostoskeskus Lippulaiva 4.7 km
Espoonlahden jäähalli 3.3 km
Espoonlahden urheilupuisto 3.4 km
Espoonlahden uimahalli 3.8 km
Hanikan luontopolku 4.5 km
Hanikan uimaranta 4.5 km
Soukan terveysasema 2.9 km
Espoonlahden sosiaali- ja terveysasema 3.4 km