Jyväskylän Äijälänrannantie

Jyväskylän Äijälänrannantie

Äijälänranta, located on the shores of Jyväsjärvi lake in Jyväskylä, is a modern, personal and scenic residential area. A-Kruunu's new apartments are coming to Äijälänranta, which are affordable, spacious and bright rental homes. The apartments to be built at Äijälänrannantie 24 are suitable for many needs. The area is home to families with children as well as single people, close to nature and an urban city view. The property is non-smoking.

A-Kruunu's rental apartments are well located in Äijälänranta. The Rantaraitti is a outdoor route, along which you can also get to the citys center, runs next door. The Päijänne water route with its beautiful inland waterways runs from Äijälä along Äijälänsalmi. It is about 4 km to the center of Jyväskylä along the shoreline, about 5 km by car to the center. The nearest grocery store and bus stop are just a few hundred meters away. Buses to the city center and Vaajakoski run along Vaajakoski Road, a 1.2 km walk away. The city center can also be reached with one change via Kuokkala. The area is also suitable for cyclists, the terrain is flat and there are many routes. The location is optimal for the balcony grower, the nearby Viherlandia offers good opportunities for garden shopping. The surrounding area is interesting from a cityscape and the buildings in the Äijälä area have become recognizable landmarks. The Lutakko district on the opposite shore of Lake Jyväsjärvi and the beautiful Kuokkalansilta create an urban atmosphere throughout the city, which is known for its architecture. Jyväskylä's Harju, the city center and the diverse environment offer things to see and experience for many tastes. There are also recreational opportunities nearby: the beach, the frisbee golf course, the Rauhalahti green area, the Kuokkala tree species park and the Manor area (summer theater and farmland). Äijälänranta is the housing fair area of ​​2014, when the first buildings in the area were completed.

Jyväskylä is a city of culture, events and students. The city theater, museums and various events in Lutakko offer a lot to do for many tastes.

Basic Information
Address: Äijälänrannantie 24, 40520 Jyväskylä
Neighborhood: Äijälänranta
Type: block of flats, 8. floors
Apartment sizes: 1 to 4 rooms + kitchen
Floor area: 33–76,5 m²
Number of apartments: 44
Completion: 10/2022 (estimate)
Brochure: View brochure (FI)

The application period for the location is 3 May to 15 May 2022. After this, applications for the location will be received on an on-going basis. We will be in contact with the recipients of the housing offer by e-mail no later than 19 July 2022.  We are not able to inform all applicants about the choices, we are only in contact with those applicants for whom we are able to provide housing. Please note that we will not respond to enquiries about the application situation during the resident selection period.

Estimated distances from
Grocery stores:
K-Market 400m
Lidl 1,3 km
Kuokkalan kauppakeskus 3,2 km
K-Citymarket Seppälä n. 7 km
Pysäkki Kuokkalan suunnan busseille n. 600 m
Bussipysäkki (Vaajakoskentie) 1,2 km
Matkakeskus, linja-autoasema ja rautatieasema n. 5 km
Matkustajalaivasatama n. 6 km
Schools and day-care centres, educational institutions:
Päiväkoti Norlandia n. 400 m
Päiväkoti Aarresaari n. 400 m
Väinölän päiväkoti 1,8 km
Kivelän päiväkoti 3,2 km
Kuokkalan koulu 3,2 km
Tikan koulu 4,4 km
Jyväskylän Yliopisto, keskustan kampus n. 8 km
Sports and physical activity:
Aalto Alvari uimahalli 7,4 km
Harjun stadion n. 7 km
Hippoksen liikuntapuisto n. 8 km
Laajavuori n. 10 km
Health services:
Kuokkalan terveysasema 3,2 km
Sairaala Nova 8,7 km
Parks and outdoor areas:
Äijälänrannan uimapaikka n. 100 m
Äijälänrannan lintutorni n. 200 m
Riemuranta leikkipuisto 400 m
Aittovuoren polku 3,2 km
Sippulanniemen luontopolku 5,6 km
Kirkkopuisto 6,2 km
The most famous sights in Jyväskylä are the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Seminarimäki University Campus designed by Alvar Aalto, the Nero stairs to the Harju and the observation tower, Toivola's old courtyard, Kuokkala Church and the Puukuokka wooden apartment buildings. They can all be found within a reasonable cycling distance.